Replace Damaged Auto Glass With the Help of Our Trusted Glass Repair Experts

Many minor auto glass issues can be easily fixed. However, if the glass has incurred serious damage, your best option is to have it replaced by experts like FM Auto Service. We offer professional glass repair and replacement services in Stratford, CT, and we have the tools and expertise to successfully replace your damaged car glass and deliver quality results. Use our top-tier auto glass replacement services today!

When Should You Replace Your Auto Glass?

Many people believe that they should replace auto glass only when it’s completely shattered into pieces. However, this isn’t exactly true! Even if the glass is still in one piece, you’ll want to replace it if it has a crack or chip that’s deep enough to reach the second the layer of the glass and/or is long enough to span several inches. You’ll also have to do a full replacement if the damage occurred in the driver’s side of the glass. This comes from the fact that even professionally done repairs would cause glare and disrupt the driver’s vision, increasing the risk for accidents.

DIY vs Professional Replacement

There are now many DIY kits that allow car owners to replace auto glass all by themselves, and you can search for articles and videos online that will guide your through the DIY replacement process. However, just because the do-it-yourself option is available and popular doesn’t automatically meant that it’s the correct choice! If you have zero experience with auto glass replacement and you’re not sure where to begin, it’s best to call a trusted company like us. By letting our experts handle the job, you’re assured that your auto glass will be professionally replaced and that the new glass will be securely installed in your vehicle. Since our technicians will take care of the entire replacement process, you’ll save time and effort and have nothing to worry about.

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