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Common Myths About Windshield Repair You Shouldn’t Believe

As a company that offers affordable auto glass repair services, we’ve met with many car owners who are dealing with damaged windshields and need expert assistance. Through our conversations with them, we’ve discovered that a lot of people actually have numerous misconceptions about windshield repair. We’ve listed below some of the auto glass myths that we have encountered:

Myth #1: All chips are the same

While auto glass chips might look the same, they’re actually categorized into several types according to their size, depth, and other characteristics. Some types of chips can be easily repaired, while others are difficult to fix and often require a complete windshield replacement. So, if your windshield has been damaged, you need to consult an auto glass expert who’s highly familiar with windshield chip types and knows the best way to resolve the issue.

Myth #2: If your windshield has become damaged, it has to be replaced

This is definitely far from the truth! Remember: minor cracks and chips can be repaired in a fast and simple way, particularly if you hire an experienced windshield repair contractor with advanced skills and knowledge as well as modern tools and equipment. With their help, you can restore your windshield’s structural integrity and aesthetic appeal — without having to do a complete replacement and spending a lot of money.

Myth #3: It’s okay to ignore small chips and cracks

Remember: even the tiniest crack or chip allows water to enter the deeper layers of your windshield. This, in turn, can cause significant damage, weaken the auto glass, and even cause your entire windshield to collapse on itself later on. To prevent serious problems, you should have your damaged windshield professionally repaired as soon as possible.

These are some of the common windshield repair myths that you shouldn’t believe. If you need more advice, or if you’re searching for experts who can help you fix your windshield, don’t hesitate to reach out to FM Auto Service. We are based in Stratford, CT and we offer top-notch, yet affordable auto glass repair services to our clients. Call us today at (475) 234-0930!